Fall Exhibition News:
It is always nice to receive an invitation. Although, today it is usually in the form of an evite, non-the-less it is always nice to be asked.
As an artist, it is especially nice to be asked to participate in an exhibition.

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The Evolution of a Sculpture:

I often begin a new work from a sketched design. The lower design in this image from my sketch book was the inspiration for a new sculpture. Beginning with a circular wire support, I created a 3 dimensional version of this sketched image. The problem was that, to me, the actual sculpture didn't please me as much as the sketched image. So it sat in the back of my studio waiting for a creative revelation.

I was thrilled to have had the opportunity for my first solo exhibition this past December. My show Transformed Spaces consisted of two sculptural installations; Infinite Possibilities and The Spaces We Inhabit. It considered the symmetry of the urban landscape and explored the physical and mental boundaries of the public and private spaces we inhabit.


Persistance of Thought
Inspiration can come from anywhere. As an artist, I am inspired by the urban landscape. I am drawn to the innate sense of randomness, clutter and change that can define an urban existence. The landscape of the city and its architecture can seem unwelcoming with its hard edges and its overflow of inhabitants.
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What a Great Way to Spend a Day:

Earlier this year I was contacted by Kelley Baum, a teacher at Franklin Fine Arts school in Chicago with a request that I participate in the school's annual Arts Day. I was happy to have been asked and eager to participate in this annual event.

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A New Look!
Do you ever find yourself in need of a change? Maybe it's a change as small as a new haircut or maybe it takes the form of a new look to a room in your house. Perhaps you don’t want a new look, but a new attitude.

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Winter Exhibition News
I’m sending two of my newest sculptures to Florida this month. I am especially pleased that both were accepted as it was the first time I had submitted either for an exhibition. Place is the largest work I have created to date, measuring 6’7”, twice that if it is laid out from end to end. I plan to pursue Place as a series that will be hung as a multi-piece installation.
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Power of Place


















Spaces We Inhabit:

Back in November of 2013, artists Mary Zeran and Emily Rutledge approached me with the idea of putting together a proposal for an exhibition of our work. What evolved was “Spaces We Inhabit: Sculptures and Paintings by Alicia Forestall-Boehm, Emily Rutledge and Mary Zeran” at the Hairpin Arts Center in Chicago. I was familiar with Hairpin having exhibited my encaustic and fiber Vessels in the center’s inaugural exhibition “Come Together”.


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